Tuesday, February 20, 2007

42 days to form a habit...

I have been challenged by my friend Joanne to for healthy habits for my life. Her goal for the next 6 weeks (starting today) is to eat healthier and exercise regularly. Joy and I have decided to do it with her. The idea is that you should be able to form a habit by doing anything for 6 weeks.

And, as you all know, I'm an overachiever! I have LOTS of goals for this six weeks. Here they are:
1 hour of devotions
10,000 steps a day
64 oz. of water
1 serving of fruit (I'm horrible at this!)
Shining my sink (Trying the flylady thing again)

That's it! Shouldn't be too hard right? So, how have I done so far today? Not so great.
When I get done here, I'm gunna do my 1 hour of devotions...
I currently have 7264 steps...not too bad.
I've drank 32 oz. I started out so good! But, no fear, I'll be up for several more hours.
And, I still need my fruit and to clean my sink...

So, basically, I haven't finished any of these things yet! But, I will! And, tomorrow I'll try to get at them a little sooner.

Wish me luck! (Good luck to you girls too!)


tsbjf said...

I like the step and water goals, very nice. Do you have the podimeter that makes some kind of noise when you run or something? I remember Joy having one of those.......she would always make it make noise just for fun :) . I need to set a devotion goal for myself too. Seems like ever since Hayley came along I've really slacked on that, which I dislike considerably. Any tips that have helped you keep consistent? I got your letter in the mail today, thank you so much--it was very encouraging!

MagenRanae said...

I have a pedometer that talks to me when I reach mile stones (.1 miles, 1000 steps, 50 calories, 10 minutes) but the one that I had that played music broke. Hehe...i didn't know Joy had one..i thought she just stole mine!

As for the devotions, just the same ol' suggestion: get accountability. And, it can't be your husband either...they're too easy on us! If you would like for me to remind you about it, I'd be glad to.

Joyous said...

Haha....I never had one...Joanne was probably just at camp the day that I stole yours or something! :)

tsbjf said...

That is too funny--it being your pedometer the whole time! And pedometer is such a better spelling than podimeter; when I wrote my first comment I knew I had spelled it wrong, but couldn't wrap my mind around the right way. Accountability is good, I am totally up for you "digging in the spurs". It is always hard getting the momentum started uphill.

Jenny Mercy said...

Wow, I totally know what you mean about the flylady thing. I stumbled across her website a few years ago and her cleaning tips are really helpful. I think I remembered a fifteen minute routine she did every night and I do mine every morning. It makes things so much easier. OH, and thanks for the bday and vday cards. It really made my day a better.

MagenRanae said...

You're very welcome for the cards, Jenny. I was encouraged to see that you read my blog! :) How are things going with you?