Sunday, January 14, 2007

An Encouraging Day

Today was such a gift from the Lord. (Every day is, but today I was smart enough to realize it!) I was wakened by a phone call this morning at 7:30am, getting asked to run the sound system this morning. Of course, I said yes...I have no problem wanting to serve others. Though, lots of times, even though I like helping, I get discouraged, b/c it's hard for me to worship when I'm "working". (Hard to focus on two things at once.) Though, I'm learning that even the act of service is worship, and so maybe that's what made today so much better.
I was able to truly praise our Savior today during the songs...something that I have a hard time doing while up in the sound booth.
But, more surprising, I was able to get something out of the service! There are so many distractions up there, it's hard to learn...but I sure learned a lot today! Maybe after I have some more time to meditate on it, I'll write something about it.
Anyway, then after church, we got to hang out and have lunch with J&A and the kiddos. That's always nice...I like that sunday ritual.
After that, Micah got to take a nice long nap, and I got several things done around the house, including starting on my coupon clipping, and working on a workable spreadsheet to keep track of our budget.
Then we went bowling. We normally do that with my parents every Sunday evening, but they're on their way to Hawaii right now, so we bowled with my sister-in-law and a friend of the family instead. Which means, I got to hold my niece Hannah almost the whole time. It was great!
Then, after bowling, Micah and I went to pick out a couple of movies, and I ran into the mom of an old friend from highschool. My friend is has a 4 year old little girl, and one on the way. You could pray for her, her mom says she's having a real difficult pregnancy and having to see specialists. They think the baby might have downs. My friends name is Heather, in case it helps you pray!

Now I need to go because my hubby and I are going to watch a movie before bed. I love it! God is so good!

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