Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Two events in my life always cause great conviction: the start of a new year, and the start of a new semester.

So here I am, 2 weeks into a new year, and a week away from a new semester, and I find myself double-ly (I have no idea how to spell that word...when it doubt, go with how it sounds in my head!) convicted, if that's possible.

Where has all my time gone? Do I have anything to show for it? Am I being a good steward of my time? I am constantly reminding myself that I need to be a good steward of the money the Lord has blessed Micah and I with...and I'm getting better at it with much work....but do I use my time like God would have me use my time?

I've been reading A Purpose Driven Life with a couple women in our church. I swore to myself I would never read it...it was such a fad for so many years! But, I'm getting lots out of it.

One thing, which I've known before, but it's good to realize again is...What am I here for?

I am here to bring God glory. That's it.

Those 7 words make it seem so simple...so why do I have such a hard time with it?

Purpose lists the 5 ways we bring God glory:
1. We bring God glory by worshiping Him.
2. We bring God glory by loving other believers.
3. We bring God glory by becoming like Christ.
4. We bring God glory by serving others with our gifts.
5. We bring God glory by telling others about Him.

I'm still on Purpose #1, worshiping Him. I even need to re-read this section. But, one thing that's really stuck out to me, is how weak my devotions are. I usually do them at night, even though several very wise women in our church have suggested I do them in the morning. I'm NOT a morning person. Usually I have 8am classes, so it's all I can do wake up by 7:15 so that I can start my 30 minute walk to school. But, that's no excuse. I need the time BEFORE I start my day...I need to be meditating on His word...I need to jumpstart my day with thoughts of Him, so that I can be thinking about God, and praying to God through out my whole day.

So, this semester I don't have class until 11am every day. This is time that I know was given to me so that I can establish a routine. A routine that I will hopefully continue into the semesters with 8am classes. We shall see.

Hopefully this semester, I'll use this blog not only to keep track of the things I've accomplished every day, but also to reflect on what the Lord has taught me through sometimes continual prayer and meditating on His word.

Pray for me. :)


Laurel said...

I hadn't checked on you for a few days... it's neat to hear what the Lord is doing in your life!

shawna said...

I will pray for you!
I struggle with the same things.

Joyous said...


tsbjf said...

I am so not a morning person either.