Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm not very good at this blogging thing...

I go way too long between each update. But, I'm in Chicago now for several days just hanging out and relaxing with my hubby and matt and I should be a bit better at updating!

- Micah went to Ecuador from Dec. 13th-Dec. 22nd. I stayed with my mommy, and had a lot of dates with friends that get neglected during the school year. We both had a great time.
- I went to pick Micah up in Wichita the afternoon of the 22nd, after a wonderful time of scrapping with my lovely friend Joy.
- Then we did the Christmas thing with my family, and Micah went to his family for "2nd Christmas" on Christmas day, but I was sick. :(
- Then we left with Matt and Shelsey to drive up here Wednesday afternoon, and got here about 10:30pm. We carried all of stuff inside (it took a while, because we've practically moved in!) and then went to bed.
- Thursday we slept in, ate some breakfast, and then went to Wheaton College with Matt. He needed to take care of financial aid, and Micah and I wanted to see an exhibit about CS Lewis and others. But, the entire campus was closed, basically, so we're going back on Jan. 4th when both things are open again. After a fruitless (but fun) walk around Wheaton, we drove back to Warrenville and did a bit of grocery shopping. I'm getting chances to cook while we're out here...something I hardly ever do during the school year! I made beef enchiladas that night while the boys watched a movie and Shelsey worked on her paper. After dinner, we played a exciting game of Catch Phrase. We were playing best out of 3, and the boys got 2 and we got 1...we'll be playing again to fix that situation!!
- Today we kinda slept it again. (Except Micah, of course, cause he has to work at 5am.) We got around, took our showers, and played a game of battle ship while we waited for Matt to get home from taking Shelsey to work. Then the 3 of us made a trip to Panera to get their wonderful bagels. Mmmm! I'm hungry for them again! We came home, ate bagels, watched a movie, played Yahtzee, and then I just woke up from a nap! I love not having deadlines and so forth. Relaxing time so far. Tonight I'm making spaghetti! :)
- Tomorrow is Matt and Shelsey's 1 year Micah and I are having a date day so that they are sure to have some time to hang out together...but, hehe...we've all decided to go into the city together! So much for time alone. (Though, they'll get some b/c Micah and I are staying at the Days Inn in Napperville tomorrow night.) We're gunna get breakfast and go to a coffee shop in Wheaton, then catch the train into town for lunch, dinner, a movie, and possibly to see the Tribune. Should be fun. :)

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tsbjf said...

Panera, yum. Wow, I can't believe Matt & Shelsey have been married for a year now!!! How time flies.