Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Week 32

Week 32 of my pregnancy started on January 8th.

This was the week that we started our birthing class at the birth center where we were to have little Hoover.

This was also the week that my dad (Grandpa Tom) gave up the hope that I was having twins, but now believed I was having a boy, and that he was going to be a fabulous bowler.

Dad's logic:
- I had bowled the entire time I was pregnant with him.
- The majority of the time I was bowling, Hoover was "upside down and backwards" (in my womb).
- "How could he NOT be good after that?"

And, how was dad so certain Hoover was a boy? Well because, apparently, in his mind, I was supposed to be a boy. So, of course, I "owe him".

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