Saturday, August 19, 2006

Las Vegas!

Saturday morning mom had to go to a conference for her job, so Dad took us kids out to the Hoover Dam. It was only my 3rd trip out there, but this time it was way cool, because they're in the process of building a bridge OVER the dam so that traffic can bypass the tourist stuff. Isn't that fun? It's amazingly high, and it would be soooo cool to actually see them working on it every day!
After the Dam we went back to the strip to visit the MGM and the M&M factory, then we had a late lunch at the ESPN Zone. We went back to the hotel to rest for a while, then did a little gambling while we waited for mom to be done. When she'd finished with her work we went with her to see the rest of the things we wanted to see on the Strip, including the Paris hotel and Margaritaville. We had dinner then headed back to the hotel. Justin and Mom stayed down and gambled for a while, but the rest of us were kinda tired.

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